Frequently asked questions

Activation and reporting
What is POAS?
What is CLV/LTV?
How is it possible to use current profit data to optimise future bids?
How can I use Kuvio's profit data to optimise my bids?
In what ways can I report the profit data?
We want to focus on revenue growth, is profit bidding for us?
Google Ads and Facebook ads do not handle negative profit values, is this a problem?
What activation method is used for Google Ads?
What platforms can I activate on the profit data generated by Kuvio?
What reporting tools does Kuvio support?
What integrations do you currently have?
Can I compare historical performance?
What input data can I include in the profit calculation?
How do we take into consideration returns?
We have a very complicated cost structure, is Kuvio for us?
Does Kuvio calculate product- or order-level profit?
What kind of time-lag is there between Kuvio and other systems?
What is Kuvio?
Does Kuvio take into account discount codes applied at checkout?
Will our customers be able to see our confidential cogs and logistics data through the Kuvio tag?
Can Kuvio see our confidential cogs and logistics data?
Does Kuvio share profit data with Google or Facebook?
Where is the profit data stored?
We want to have our COGS feed password-protected, is this possible?
How long does it take to set up Kuvio?
Do I need a developer to set up Kuvio?
We only have our COGS data in a CSV file. Will we be able to use Kuvio?
How can I import data into Kuvio?
What data can I import to Kuvio?
Does Kuvio require server integrations?
Can Kuvio be implemented through Google Tag Manager?
What if we are missing some COGS data?
What are the requirements for using Kuvio?